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Anger Management
Problems with anger?  Explosive, Suppressive, either way if you deal with your anger in an unhealthy way there are devastating results.  We offer a 8-session course on anger management.  The first phase, is looking and uncovering the underlying causes of anger:  what baggage you bring into the relationship and what you think, feel, and belief about situations in your life.  The last phase, we look at coping skills, and offer some assertiveness training.  Our purpose and hope, is that you look at anger and deal with anger in a more appropriate and healthy manner.


Grief Class
After a loss of a loved one we know that grief is normal.  But grief is normal also divorce, the loss of a job, or the loss of health.  Often the pain from grief is too much to bear on your own.  So, we offer a 8 session course to help you with the grieving process.  We share the pain of your loss and walk with you so that you can face and endure the pain of your grief.  The first phase looks at the feelings, losses, and cost experienced.  The last phase we work on closing this chapter of your life in order to open the new chapter in store for you.  Our purpose and hope, is that you can now face and fully live in the new chapter given to you out of your grief.

Parenting Class
We offer the ARK parenting course.  This 10 session course is court and CPS approved; it's a wonderful course how to parent with unconditional love while also setting limits on behavior.  The first phase looks at the parenting the parent received and how the parent can love their child unconditionally.  The last phase looks at a proven way to discipline with love and success.  Our purpose and hope is that by offering this course we strengthen families to love and to endure.

S.A.T. /  A.C.T.
It is universally accepted for college admission in the United States. Come review; study with us. We have small classes with individual attention. It is a 4-week period, just to the actual test date. Increase your vocabulary, sharpen your math, and write a quality essay.
Private tutoring is available for most ages. Our tutor will work with you to customize a program based on where you need to improve the most, at a LOW COST.

Divorce Counseling
Do you find yourself in the divorce nightmare? Confused, overwhelmed, stressed-out, lost, full of worry and wondering what will happen next? You may need an advocate to walk with you through the nightmare, so it will become a thing of the past. Some things we work on are looking for the buried needs and pains, uncovering the hidden agendas, and finding a way to peace.

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